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My creative muse and my first ever RAK!

Don’t you just love those days where everything you look at just inspires you? I went shopping today. Now, first you must realize I have NO need to shop. I have “stuff” in every corner of my house – just ask my son! “Mommy, where are we eating dinner tonight?” is common – there simply are no surfaces safe from my projects in progress! So anyways, I went to Michael’s. I picked up a lot of things. However, it’s THIS

adorable little wooden puzzle (you can find it in the $1 section!) that’s got my creative juices just churning! It’s a fun little piece in itself (it’s about 5 1/2″ square) – it’s a quilt, it’s a puzzle, it’s the building blocks to create tons of designs (there are pictures on the back showing some examples of how you can make shapes that vaguely resemble things like bird, rockets, and I’m not sure what else. It’s creativity itself, in stocking stuffer form. Or is it?

Now, since I’ve recently discovered my little blog actually has READERS (who’d have thunk it??!!), I’ve been advised to do some fun interactive things to get everybody involved and I LOVE that idea! I totally don’t want to be on my own out here so I’m always excited to hear from you and what creative things YOU are doing too! So here’s the deal. Leave a comment as to what YOU think I’m going to do with this or what YOU would do! I’ll pick a random winner by comment number on Thanksgiving to determine the winner of this little package of things that you can alter your own goodies with!

I’m including a 7gypsies self-inking stamp (the round flower), some pink glittery chipboard letters and foam Birthday stamps from Scrapworks, a package of wooden tags from Kaiser (who I LOVE LOVE LOVE!), and some really gorgeous chunky glitter glue (there are little snowflakes in there!) from Sulyn. I’ve got a bunch of almost done projects I’m hoping to post this week and I’ve used either these items or something really similar!

Stop on by this week to see some more projects including (depending on how long this takes, lol) what’s going to happen to my little puzzle!

Oh! And I also found a $1 Rubik’s cube, lol! Hmmm…


18 Responses

  1. I saw the puzzle and was thinking as I was reading, that I would so alter this with my favorite paper and hang it on the wall, then maybe make some more from friends. I could alter them with kids theme paper and what ever, and of coarse I would have to read how you can make it look like other things as well and cordinate it so it would look a bird or whatever the possibilities are! Looks like fun and I think I am gonna go look for these puzzles. Great find! dragonflydremer@cox.net
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay! Hi from the SAF group. I’m obsessed with patterns. Whenever I see those little puzzles I think quilt, then I think about making a “quilted” card with little coordinating paper scraps. In fact, I might go do that right now. I can’t wait to see what you come up with šŸ™‚

  3. I immediately thought about a photo collage with rub ons and stamps.

  4. I kept thinking that since it’s square – I would use it as a pattern to make my own 12″ x 12″ foundation paper. If you used three colors, for example, you’d end up with three sheets of base paper to use!

  5. Glitter is so fun this year! I’m thinking picture frames with words around them!

    Great post – and I LOVE your ornament too!

  6. The puzzle would make a great templete for a scrappy page. I love using my mother’s templetes of her quilts. But I’d use some of those examples of birds, etc. to make some very unique pages.

    Thanks for doing this and good luck on your first RAK.

  7. I would alter it with various Christmas papers, and add in photos of family.

    I am SO going to go check out my M’s.

  8. I agree with the ladies, I would decoupage a couple of pattern papers on top in a pattern and add some rubons, but my new addition, is that I would flip them all over and do an entirely different pattern on the opposit side.

  9. I LOVE that it is a puzzle. And that is exactly what I would do with it. A ‘puzzle’ center photo and a ‘pattern’ around the outside with different papers. Like maybe a DUAL ‘frame’. Then I would mix it up and leave it on the coffee table. FUN for all to figure out. šŸ™‚

  10. I STUmbled on your blog..what a good day too!
    well i think u’ll gonna distress/ink up the blocks…put some photos/pp and make your puzzle…
    i think that’s what i would do

    lynda in calif

  11. I think it would be great to blow up a photo (maybe of the family?) to however big the whole puzzle is and use it to make a photo puzzle for your child/children (not sure how many you have and how old they are!) Or I saw the most adorable Nativity blocks set using the Mambi stick people stickers on the Two Peas website – if I had the puzzle and the stickers that’s what I would make, it was wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win. Patty šŸ™‚

  12. I’d decorate all sides of the puzzles with photos/paper to make one of those double-sided collages šŸ™‚ Great find!

  13. Aren’t $1 finds so much fun!!!!? That is so cute!

    It would be really cute to take a photo and cut it up to match the pieces and make a lil photo puzzle. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  14. So many fun ideas…that I totally had myself so I will try to put a twist on the above! I love the thought to add your own pattern paper to the back. I would put holiday themed paper on the back and fun snowflake (or holiday shape) rubons on random blocks. Then your kids can choose a block a day for the month and if they get a block with a symbol, they get a fun treat!
    Your blog is adorable and this RAK is a blast!

  15. I just wanted to say you have a lovely blog, with lots of cute things to look at. I seen your blog link on the Yahoo “scrapafairfriend” board. I love finding a new blog to look at and visit. I did notice you have a link to Pam Posch’s blog, she’s a wonderful person.

  16. Hiya Jenna..

    It has been so wonderful seeing all the new sites and blogs from all the great ladies that I met at the SAF, present company included : ) Love your site!!! When I saw the puzzle it reminded me of the quilts that are auctioned at my Church Bizarre each year an also the colors remind me of the stained glass..So I was thinking that putting a transparency over the puzzle and designing a page overlay or cards, etc.. Great Find! Many possibilites..

  17. So I would hand out one or a few to some of my friends and have them decorate them and then give them back….you wll have a bit of each them with you at all times.

  18. I think I would decoupage assorted papers and photos to the blocks and then the kids can try and put it back together. I think it would make a great ‘coffee table game’ for when you have company.

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