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50th Post!

Wow! Just realized my little blog has hit a milestone! It makes me glad this is a picture-heavy day, lol! This is the matching album to the wooden gift bag I posted yesterday. It’s made from a wooden mini-album from Kaiser Craft (I desperately need Hobby Lobby to pick them up so I have easier access – I LOVE their stuff!!!). This went super fast because I found a quick, easy formula and stuck with it. I used the same paper I used for the gift bag (total between the two projects was under two pieces – I still have tons of scraps) and Mod Podged it onto the fronts of all the discs. I painted the backs and edges with Lipstick paint from Making Memories. All the glittered chipboard hearts are from Scrapworks and again, I have tons of these left over from the original box. This was my one attempt at proper “design” – I used the visual triangle to “frame” my pictures. The pictures themselves are printed on self-adhesive cotton from Shortcuts (now distributed by DMD). This stuff is amazing! It can go through your printer, you can stamp on it, whatever! Gorgeous texture – you end up with a canvas-like end result. I have tons and tons of this and had forgotten all about it but will try to bring it out again to show you some of the fun tecniques you can do with this. The last thing I used on every page was 3D paper paint from PSX that I outlined all the pictures with. I used a few other things on the cover and back, but will mention those near the pictures.

The whole album

The cover. I used Papier Glass Finish from Plaid inside the hearts. This is very similar to Ranger’s glossy accents. The one I used happened to be a tinted version in baby blue. Which I totally did not notice for some reason (and actually thought it would eventually dry clear because I just wasn’t paying attention) but it worked out nicely because of the blue in the paper…crisis averted, lol! I literally noticed this when I grabbed the bottle just now to make sure I credited the product correctly. I KNEW this product usually dried crystal clear, lol (and it does…when you don’t use baby blue…). Anyways. Now that I’ve embarassed myself, just wanted to let you in on HOW I did the heart on the left that’s hanging off the edge. Since the outline hearts are open in the middle all the way through I was kind of bummed that I wouldn’t be able to fill that one in like I had the one in the middle then I got a brainstorm. I took a piece of clear packaging (in this case it was the little plastic box the Target ribbon came in) and glued it under the overhang. Once that dried, I was able to fill that heart in as well and after the glass finish (blue…) had dried, I was able to use a craft knife to cut off the excess plastic and it left the heart transparent. As always, I’ve uploaded these in hi-res so if you click on any picture you can get a gigantic version to see close up (eek, and any mistakes I’ve made). I mention this here because only close up can you see the oops moment I had when I was trimming the excess and just under the left side of the heart I cut into the dark pink stripe. I used a tiny piece of scrap to Mod Podge over it. Another crisis averted. Are you sensing a pattern? LOL!

The inside pages.

The back cover. Here I’ve used a chipboard coaster I’ve had forever from Little Davis. I love finding things I’d forgotten about just at the right moment! I surrounded it with Prima’s and used the same PSX 3D paper paint as the centers. I use this a lot for flower centers because I love the way it keeps its chocolate chip shape after it’s dried.

And the whole gift. You’ll notice I didn’t photograph any of the backs of the pages in the album, well those will be used for the sentiments for the recipient so I figured they didn’t need to go on the blog. At least PART of this project will be a surprise for her, lol, since of all days, she started reading my blog yesterday. Thanks, mom, lol!


10 Responses

  1. oh cuteness! i can’t believe you’re on valentines! talk about organised.
    and hurrah for the 50th post.

  2. This is so cute… and I like the wooden gift bag that you did to go along with this too. I really like the look of the baby blue Papier glaze… I’d say it was a happy mistake!

  3. I commented on the wood box when I first seen it – now I just love this too! Congrats on the 50th post too!

  4. oh Wow, simply tooooo *sweet*, I love everything about this! TFS!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Great job!

  6. Very very cute.

  7. Such a cool and sweet album. I’m glad I found your page. I’m from Champaign and Wellington, didn’t know we had such great talent around here!Keep up the great blogging.

  8. What a darling little album! Congratulations on being featured on Explore, Experience, and Expand Your Mind!

  9. Absolutely adorable!!!! Love it!

  10. Love the gift bag. I just got some of these. I am inspired. Thank you!

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