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Noteworthy Altered Wheelbarrow

I don’t think I ever posted a picture of these little wheelbarrows when I first came across them but they’re from Hobby Lobby – $1 in the unfinished wood section! Everything I used to embellish it was from the Noteworthy line from Making Memories except the paint (Sea Foam), which was from the Funky Vintage line. I also used some glittery Scribbles just around the top rim. The only difficult part was the way I did the wheels. To get the felt flower on the wheel, I had to dismantle the front end. That required getting out a wooden peg (glued, of course) that went all the way through both the outside pieces and the wheel. I first took an Xacto knife and poked it around the peg on both sides to at least have the edges free of glue. Then, using a hammer and a plastic rubon tool (the ones that come with all American Crafts rubons) to tap away at it. It was NOT easy and required some odd leveraging with the wheel to get it out. Then I simply glued the felt flowers in place and attempted to put the peg back in. Lining it up was a pain, but nothing compared to getting the peg hammered back in. One squashed index finger later, I did get the peg back in, then realized that for my purposes it really didn’t matter if the wheel didn’t turn – I should have just glued the wheel back in and ignored the peg since I was covering it with more flowers and buttons anyways! Anyways. I’ve thought of several uses – it would look great hanging out on a desk holding paper clips, or in a bathroom holding little girl’s ponytail holders – basically anything small. I thought it might be cute holding chocolate, but really, it just wouldn’t hold enough chocolate to be worth it, lol! I took the one photo with the paint bottle to show an idea of the size.


6 Responses

  1. Too cute Jenna!

  2. I love that!! It is so incredibly cute!!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh, that is so cute!!!


  4. So flippin’ cute!


  5. So cute! Love the colors 🙂

  6. Wow, thats so darn cute. Love it

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