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Quick Shadowbox Decor

This was a spinoff of the adorable butterfly collages showing up everywhere using the Martha Stewart punch. I didn’t have the punch (but I do now – woohoo!) so I just grabbed a circle punch and a pad of Daisy D’s papers. This was soooo quick! It gave me a place to store some coasters on a table in my living room that was looking bare, and the colors were perfect. The shadowbox with drawer is from EK, as was the circle punch (1 3/8″). They are mounted on 1/4″ pop dots.

On a side note, I have five baby bunnies living in my yard who seem to have been abandoned. They are soooo sweet and allow themselves to be petted, picked up, and photographed, lol! They are still awfully tiny and can’t be very old. Anyone know if they’re going to be Ok without their mother? She hasn’t been around in over a week (which makes me think she may have met with an accident) and the bunnies usually separate during the day then you can find them at night all huddled together..in the middle of my yard, lol! There were originally six but their first nest was right next to the road…you can guess what happened. Is there anything I can do for them or will they be ok on their own?
Isn’t he sweet!!!


9 Responses

  1. Such a great project! You are giving me ideas!

  2. Beautiful project, hehe about the bunny!

  3. Gorgeous project!! And what an adorable bunny!!

  4. Love that box! And what a cute little bunny. And how sad that mama is missing. I know nothing about bunnies though! Do you have a vet you could call?

  5. What a sweet face that bunny has! Also…I like the shadow box. Such a nice way to highlight papers you like…tfs

  6. I had a baby bunny living in my yard. The momma had dug a hole for it. The momma would literally pull her own fur off and cover the hole with it. Momma would come back each night and watch over her baby. We called the vet just in case, and he gave us a recipe to make to feed the rabbit. Also as a young girl living in the country we had a lot of abandoned bunnies tht we would raise, and they would grow up and then we would release them. So, you can help them and they will be fine. As the other lady suggested, I would call the vet.

  7. beautiful shadow box!! I know nothing about bunnies except they’re adorable!! can you take them to a shelter?

  8. Love the shadow box you did.
    As for the bunnys, if I was closer I would come help……they have to be eating something right? Seriously you think their mom is really gone? Maybe just during the day she is and them comes back at night? Call a vet and ask questions.

  9. I think you need to call a vet or animal control to get advise. Although they are cute they are wild animals. If they are babies, usually if the mom smells “human” on them, she won’t have much to do with them…so becareful. the other problem is if they become dependant on YOU then they will not be able to take care of themselves in the wild. Do call.

    I love your project. Way too cool.

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