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Be still my heart…new Mod Podge!

Color me happy! I just got word on the new Mod Podge formulations releasing for CHA Summer – woohoo! I will be ALL OVER the Plaid booth at CHA next weekend, lol!

Glow in the dark…

Shimmer Silver…

Shimmer Gold…

Glittered Silver…

Glitter Gold…

Sigh – I need it all!!!!


10 Responses

  1. LOL Im so embarressed to admit that I just bought my first Modge Podge about a month ago and still havent cracked it open to use yet….so looking at all the new ones…Im like…HUH?

  2. NO WAY!!!! This totally rocks! Now, how long before this stuff hits our boonie-stores, I wonder!?

  3. Hello from Belgium.

    Tomorrow (14 july), a surprise for you on my blog.



  4. omg…be still my heart! I so heart modge podge! I hope I can find the glow in the dark kind soon….I have some altered halloween projects that so need it!

  5. I am making a wooden baby block project from the Martha Stewart show. The project calls for Mod Podge and I see that it is water soluable. If a child puts the finished block in his/her mouth will the Mod Podge become gummy? Can these wooden blocks w/ MP really be played with? Also, is there a better choice between the new MP formulas, the regular or the matt finish for a harder end product?
    October 31, 2008 1:41 AM

  6. Cindy – MP is certified non-toxic. Although I would still discourage the baby from putting this in her mouth just because I was one of “those” moms who wanted things sterilized, lol! But it won’t hurt the block or the baby for the occasional taste test. I’d be much more afraid of the old standard painted variety for fear of lead in the paint (all Plaid products are tested to be lead free)!
    For a super hard finish, there is actually an older MP finish called Hard Coat – it’s meant for things that are going to be USED a lot (a chair, for instance) and it will get rock hard. BUT, it takes weeks to cure properly. The only difference you’ll find between matte/gloss/regular;/satin is how shiny it looks. They all work the same way, your difference is in the formulation (regular, hard coat, for paper, etc.).
    I’d probably just go with the original formulation and either matte or glossy finish for baby blocks. Give yourself enough time to give them a good week to “cure” before handing to a baby for a taste, just to be sure it’s good and hard.

  7. Do you know where I can find Modge Podge Satin in 16 oz or larger sizes?

  8. I would like to coat some dried leaves with a finish.

    Would Mod Podge work for such a delicate task?

    Thank you for sharing your tips.

  9. Im searching for sites related to this. Glad I found you. Thanks

  10. I really enjoyed that post, I am a little puzzled, and have a small question. Can I send you an email?

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