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What’s in store for year 2 of my blog?

Yup, getting organized is at the top of the list! Starting on my blogoversary (August 25, 2008 – don’t forget to go to the link and post there to win!), I’ll have a nice, neat little schedule of posts for during the week. Of course, I’ll throw in other posts (there are those crazy days when I just want to blog every five minutes, lol), but I’m going to start working ahead so that you can always expect SOMETHING from me on Mondays through Saturdays. What will you be seeing? Here’s the breakdown:

Material Mondays – Here’s where I’ll share a product, new or old, that just begs to be played with. Now remember, I do all kinds of crafts, and love to use products from one for another, so you can be sure I’ll be showing you all kinds of ways to mix and match your products for different uses!

Totally Challenged Tuesdays – There are a gazillion challenge blogs around. I bookmark them, I get their feeds, I get inspired, I MEAN to do them, but I never get around to it. This will be my way of making myself pick at least one challenge, actually DOING the challenge, and sharing the link so you can play along too! Rather than try to keep up with one challenge blog, I thought it might be fun to just jump around a bit and dabble in all of them.

Who What Where When Why Wednesdays (aka WWWWW Wednesdays so I don’t have to type that out every week, lol) – I get quite a few questions here and there and I wanted to have one place where everyone could benefit from the answers rather than just replying to one person’s email. Anyways, ask away! Email me, post it as a comment under whatever post you’d like and on Wednesdays I’ll compile all the Q’s and A’s in one handy reference guide. Where to find stuff, how to do stuff, why I did stuff, personal stuff (lol – within reason, folks) – I’ll do my best to answer everything! Oh – and on that note, just wanted to interject here that if you’ve emailed me and I’ve NOT answered, I’m having some weird spam issues. I’ve got tons of stuff going to spam (sigh and tons of spam making it to my inbox) that shouldn’t be and I’ve been trying to wade through my spam box to find the real messages but I have had this email addy for so long I get about 500-600 spam messages (really!) a DAY. So it’s a disaster to keep up with. If I haven’t responded within a couple of days, try emailing again!

Technique Thursdays – So as not to be confused with Technique Tuesday (whose stuff I LOVE…plan to see some of that on a random Material Monday!), I thought I’d pick Thursdays to share with you some random techniques – again, remember I do it all so expect to see everything from altering to beading to…whatever other craft is turning me on at the moment! This is the section I really want to add some videos to so stay tuned!

Festive Fridays – Let’s celebrate the end of the week together! Here I’ll have seasonal projects, cards, party ideas, etc., as well as giveaways and such. Grab a cocktail and sit down for a visit!

Shout Out Saturdays – Here I’ll share with you some of my favorite finds from throughout the week. Blogs, projects, articles, – whatever I’ve come across that inspired me and I hope will inspire you as well.

I’m also trying to give the ol’ blog a makeover to make all this easier to find and all that good stuff. Eek. Just trying to figure out how to do it without making a mess of all the odds and ends I’ve put on here.

So there’s the grand plan. Whatcha think?


4 Responses

  1. Sounds great! Can’t wait to see all of your changes and I am looking forward to the challenges.

  2. Sounds like I got here just in time! I just discovered your blog last night. I do a little bit of a lot of different things too. I love combining my crafts. And I live in Dixon, IL!

  3. sounds like a brilliant plan!!

  4. Girl you have way too much time on your hands….LOL…….sounds like alot of fun…I will be popping in!

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