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The new blog is live!

Obviously I still have LOTS of stuff left to do to make this pretty (anyone want to make me a pretty little header?) and move all of my links and other doodads, but I’m here!  And so excited!  It’s been a really busy week so I apologize for not being around.  My car broke down last Sunday (it’s a long story involving a looong walk home, a construction site, and a very tired 7 year old!) and this week has pretty much revolved around that fiasco.

But my car is now fixed (it was the starter, thankfully – I THOUGHT the engine had breathed its last!) and things are calming down again so I’ve been getting things ready for tomorrow’s Blogoversary party!  I’ll be here pretty much all day from8-5 and lots of fun things planned to share and lots of little giveaways so keep checking back or subscribe to the feed and join in the fun!  Speaking of giveaways – don’t forget, last chance to take your guess on the final Sitemeter numbers (I’ll be adding the two sites together if I can’t merge them – haven’t been to Sitemeter yet to see if it’s possible).

So now, a little about the new digs.  I was going to move to TypePad until I found that TypePad and Blogger do NOT play nice together and getting all my content moved required this insane set of instructions.  So I checked out WordPress and lo and behold, it had all the features I wanted (and gee, it will even let me schedule posts without charging an extra $4 a month like TypePad does…) AND it was soooo easy to import my content – one button!  Gotta love that.  So while I’m still finding my way around, I think I’m pretty happy with my new little home on the net.  You’ll see I’ve only started the bare bones of my link collections and such, but I really like the way I can organize better with the 3 columns.  I have a long way to go, but I hope you’ll keep checking up on the goodies in the sidebars as I update!

Make sure you sign up for the feed to the new blog over on the upper lefthand of the page to get updates whenever I post.  The Blogger site will be left up and I’ll probably post a few more reminders so if you leave your subscription up over there you can ignore those posts if you’ve already found you way over here.  🙂  See you all tomorrow!


5 Responses

  1. Happy blogoversary!
    Life beside the edge

  2. Fab new blog, love the jewelry in the previous post , have a great week XXX

  3. hurrah!
    new blog. exciting times!
    i will have to change you on bloglines now!

  4. oh, and if you were serious about wanting someone to make a header, i could have a go 🙂
    just let me know what kinda stuff you want, colours, blahblah.
    but like wise, if you were joking, thats okay too 😉

  5. Happy Blogoversary, Jenna!

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