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Acrylic pendants technique

This is my newest technique I’ve been playing with.  I’ve made a lot of pendants out of Scrabble tiles, glass tiles, dominoes, and other little tidbits.  I love working with glass and the way you can layer underneath and on top to give it a really interesting dimension, but at the same time, I hate having glass because of the heaviness and the sharp edges.  So when I had an extra page to an acrylic album, I tought I’d give cutting it up into small tiles a try.  I used the Paper Trimming Buddy from Marvy Uchida as I knew it was supposed to cut acrylic and chipboard.  A note about that – it cuts chipboard sooooo nicely!  Acrylic takes a few passes and it “snaps” so wear eye protection!  With acrylic the edges are a bit rough, BUT, the whole purpose of this was that I wanted to be able to sand the edges and corners to smooth them out anyways.

So I did!  Just random sizes, no longer than 2.5 inches and no wider than about 1.24 inches.  Bigger would probably be ok with the trend towards big jewelry, however I prefer the smaller sizes so that’s what I’ve been making.  I used a sanding block (I used the MM Distressing one) to smooth the edges and corners – it didn’t take long, maybe a couple minutes to get them the way I wanted them.

Then came the fun part!  Unlike Scrabble tiles or dominoes, you can take these little acrylic pieces and place it over your paper and move it around until you find just the design you want, right where you want it.  Next scribble on some Glossy Accents all over one side of your tile.  Coverage doesn’t have to be complete because you’ll then use Tim Holtz’s technique (found here)   Speaking of Tim’s technique – go check it out!  You can do all the same things with stamping on your paper first etc. for these pendants as well!  I have NOT played with his fragments so I don’t know if they will work the same way for these pendants.  They will work, but you might not be able to do the holes the same way and may have to use a glue on bail instead.  If I ever get my hands on some I promise I’ll test it and at least show you how to use a glue on bail!

Anyways, back to business.  Cut around your pendant after the Glossy Accents has dried (it dries pretty fast – give it about 5 minutes just to be sure) – I also use Tim’s scissors from Tonic – they are seriously the best scissors I’ve ever used.  I highly recommend them!  Now you can further decorate your pendant from the top!  The acrylic I used for these was from Clear Scraps and is fairly thick.  I don’t know if a thinner acrylic will work (I’d advise against it), but with these, at least, you CAN heat emboss them if you’re careful.  I heat embossed onto the “be” pendant and then edged everything with platinum Stickles.  The “express” pendant I used Making Memories rubons and stamped on it (and stickled the edges with cinnamon).  I know it doesn’t show as well in the photos, but it really does give some dimension to have the layer on the bottom of the acrylic and a layer on the top! Please note that when stamping, you need to be sure you use an ink that says “waterproof”!  At this point, I used my Cropadile to put the hole in the top for the jumpring (or you could just tie cord or ribbon through)

To finish them, I first brushed on a single coat of Future Floor Finish on the back, just to protect the paper.  On the front, I covered the whole thing with Glossy Accents.  Here’s where the waterproof ink comes into play.  You can see in the “express” pendant where the word just looks weird?

What I did was originally stamped it in Staz On. However I used an old pad that just came out badly (they had quality issues with the Timber Brown a few years back and I’m pretty sure that was the problem here).  So I used a gold photo pen over the top of it.  Well, when the Glossy Accents went on, the gold “lifted” so it’s actually floating above the brown and so everything turned out kind of oddly rust colored and a bit blurred.  I went ahead and kept it because I really did like how the ornate rubons over the geometric Basic Grey paper ended up looking, lol!

To photograph them I just slipped the jumpring onto some ribbon but there are tons of things you could change with this.  You could also add other embellishments both under the Glossy Accents or embedded on top while it’s wet (if you’re using rhinestones you want to put them on top – if you cover the rhinestones completely they lose the faceting and end up looking like little mirrors).

And that’s it!  Let me know if you try this – I’d love to see yours!


6 Responses

  1. Ooooh, thanks for this tip! And, happy Blogoversary.

  2. Those necklaces are gorgeous…I’ve done some tinkering with collages between slides using Utee, so fun!

  3. My daughter made one using the Tim Holtz’s fragments for her BETA convention entry. We were able to drill holes through the fragments to place jump rings. It was cute.

  4. Okay this just rulez.

    And for the life of me, I can not imagine why I didn’t think to try something like this myself, given how much I stalk the TAP Plastics web site.

  5. great advice and sharing,I will buy one this nice jeans for me .thanks

  6. beautiful advice and sharing,I will buy one this good jeans for me .thanks

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