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Blogoversary Winners

I meant to get to the drawings this morning but didn’t think when I planned it that I was going to have to be picking out the September issue projects for SNR and sending contracts out, lol!  It’s been a busy day – it was even harder than last month!  We’re still new and my section even newer so I don’t get hundreds of submissions or anything yet, but enough that choosing is hard!  I can’t even IMAGINE what the big mags who routinely get hundreds and hundreds for each call go through for this process!  But I gotta admit – it’s soooo fun to see all the submissions!

Well, since no one submitted for giveaway #1, I decided to do two prizes for #2 and 2 for #3!  So here are the winners – please email me your mailing info at michaelcsmommy@yahoo.com and I’ll get your prize packages in the mail!

Giveaway #2 winners (hehe, this one required no hat) – Beth and SmilynStef

Giveaway #3 winners (names drawn from a “hat”…ok, a pile on my table) – amandasue and Monica (and can I just mention that totally made me laugh – I thought most of my traffic was drive by’s but I actually have a regular lurker, lol – woohoo!)

Pre-Blogoversary “guess the visit count” winner – Carla! Your guess was 20,233 and my count yesterday when I wrote it down was 20,608.  Send me the new addy, girl!

Just for fun, here’s the current stats on my blog NOW (9:46 PM as I edit this again, lol):

233 views on the new blog in the few days it’s been up! I have yet to get a single hit from a search engine though.  Grrr.  My old blog was finally getting up there in some Google searches, lol!

20,792 views on the old one

172 posts (the published ones – 42 drafts, lol – told you I was keeping things from you!

507 comments total

I’d like to thank everyone who played along and hope that those who stopped by but didn’t play will come out and play sometime!  I promise I don’t bite – I just love knowing who else is interested in the things I am and making new friends!

I’ll be back in a bit with a couple more posts today (possibly tomorrow morning if I don’t get finished – still have laundry to get done for my little one for school tomorrow – who picks white shirts for an elementary school uniform???) – the Tuesday Challenge and also the October SNR calls for my section.  Don’t forget tomorrow is WWWWW (Who What Where When Why) Wednesday – anyone with questions for me, either post here or email me (michaelcsmommy@yahoo.com).  I have a few questions to get to but plenty of room for more!  🙂  Product questions – I was a buyer for a craft distributor for years so have a really large database in my head of totally useless trivia…like did you know that the sable and the kalinski are separate animals even though most brush manufacturers use the terms interchangeably?  See, told you I know all kinds of weird things about all kinds of craft products, lol!  Technique questions – try everything at least once is my motto so at the very least if you ask about something I at least have an explanation of why I failed.  SNR questions, personal questions (hehe, within reason, of course), whatever you’d like to ask – fire away!

Also, I didn’t forget about yesterday’s Must Have Monday entry – I actually did a video on it and apparently it’s too long as it took half of yesterday and into the night to get it off my camera onto my computer and now I can’t get it online.  So I will either need to figure out the whole editing thing, re-shoot it, or just type the info instead.  Sigh.  It needs video.  This product just makes so much more sense SEEING how to use it than a series of pics.  I need a computer geek/photographer boyfriend who is fascinated by crafty type stuff and just dying to video and photograph everything for me then edit it and make it pretty.  Yea.  That’d do it, lol!


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  1. OMG….I just read this….LOL I will send you my addy via e-mail….LOL

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