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WWWWW (Who What Where When Why) Wednesday

Well, not a lot of questions today, but if you think of more, please feel free to ask them here!  I’ll add to the post with your answers if I get them today!

Q – From Rhi via comment – “oh, and if you were serious about wanting someone to make a header, i could have a go ) just let me know what kinda stuff you want, colours, blahblah.”

A – My sweet friend, Rhi!  I’m absolutely serious!  See that boring thing at the top of my page?  I have zero digi skills and nothing like Photoshop to do it with even if I had a clue how.  Sigh.  What I had originally wanted to use was this.  But I never got an answer back to my email asking if there was any way other than Photoshop to edit my blog name onto it.  So I gave up (which is sad – I liked a lot of their “blogwear” and would have loved to rotate things in and out).  I like the whole shabby chic thing but just can’t seem to actually accomplish it on my own.  This one was my choice also because it pulled those colors from my blog.  So there you go.  Shabby chic, that blue and that green and whatever else might “go” with them, and my blog name.  That’s what I want in a header, lol!  Hehe – although with YOU asking, I’m in love with your “painty art” as well!  Although I’d rather have that on my wall…

Q – From Beth via email – “Hi!  I have a question for Wednesday.  Do you get everthing at once when you’re going to alter something?  Like the papers to go with whatever you’re going to alter when you buy the item itself?  Or do you use what you already have?”

A – Nope, I have a huge collection of “alterables” tucked away here and there and just grab whatever speaks to me first!  Sometimes I’ll start with a paper I want to use, sometimes with the alterable then I just start digging around in my stash (new and old) to see what I feel like using at the moment!

Well, that’s all the questions I had at the moment!  Feel free to ask anytime!  I promise, I don’t bite!


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  1. I left you an award on my blog girl….go check it out!

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