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Shout Out Saturday

Yay!  A three-day weekend!  Or at least it is for my son, lol, so expect late night posts from me since I’ll be busy with him during the days.  I can’t believe he’s been back to school for over a month – loving the 8 hours of quiet each day, but at the same time, miss all the mid-day kisses and cuddles and “I love you mommy”!

So here we go.  I’ve been collecting things I’ve come across this week to share with you.  So grab yourself some coffee and sit back to enjoy some inspiration!

Out of curiosity, opinions on posting pics from someone else’s blog if you’re linking to it?  Do I need permission if I’m giving full credit and all?   Just curious.  For now I’ll continue doing as I always have with just doing the links, but I see others actually pulling the pics and just wondered…

One of my blog feeds (yikes – I’m at 229 of them…) is this one.  Paula’s blog is all about craft storage.  She shows great ideas and studios and good stuff like that from all over the net.  Worth getting the feed to it whether you’re looking for storage and organizational ideas or just want to drool over some fabulous rooms.  Anyways.  She had an entry this week that got me all kinds of excited.  You know Tim Holtz and his wonderful ink blending tools…which he uses one for each color and if you actually think about using the whole system the way he does…well, the cost is rather prohibitive.  Buying a handle for each color, the cut-n-dry foam, the wonderful little spinner rack based on old-time stamp spinners.  WELL.  Want an “altered” version?  For MUCH less cash?  Check THIS out!  Becca has created her own little system for the price of a $6 set of stamps and some cut-n-dry foam!  And shhhh – I think I might like the handles better than Tim’s (is it sacreligious to say that?)!  Great instructions included so (hehe, and me, of course) can make your own!  And ummm, like altering and cards?  Bookmark Becca’s blog – what a find!

My friend Roni’s been on a game piece trend that’s been tons of fun.  My favorite so far has been this wooden checker bracelet – how awesome is that!  I need to pull out some tissue paper now and do some playing!  Check out the other posts on her blog for some fun altered dominoes, tri-ominoes, and more!  Then go raid your kids’ games…I won’t tell!

Katie Watson altered a Michael’s clearance find on the Pink Paislee blog.  First off – is this gorgeous or what!  But I also wanted to share this because she shares a technique that I also use a LOT but never knew how to explain – finger embossing to get your template.  This is the technique I use especially on my birdhouses where there are odd shapes here and there and you can’t just trace because of all the roof lines and such.  Once you get the hang of this process, it really makes a lot of altering projects much easier!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the Cut and Dry storage link. That idea is awesome!

    And I think that the way you mentioned it, then link it, is the way to go. I don’t like pulling photos off of other people’s blogs even if you get permission and credit them. If you link them instead, then others will possibly click on the link and find a new blog that they didn’t know exsisted. JMO.

  2. Cool links Jenna thanks for sharing….

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