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Remembering 9/11/01

It’s funny how I can’t remember a single thing I did yesterday, yet this day 7 years ago is still clear as a bell in my mind. I remember Michael was at an age (7 months old – he’s now 7 years old) when he’d wake up and just squawk. No crying (unless I left it too long), he’d just make noise. So I got up with him so he wouldn’t wake his dad (who worked 3rd shift at the time) and turned on a Blues Clues video in the living room so I could get coffee. Then we just played for a while – I left the video in, feeling no need for TV or the radio. A bit later I turned the compupter on and my IM service came up immediately while I was waiting for the scrapbooking website I spent my days on to come up. My friend Laurie asked if I was watching TV and said to go turn it on. It was just after the first plane had hit and I just sat there on the couch watching, mesmerized. I picked Michael up and I don’t think I put him down again for hours. It finally hit me that Troy needed to see this, tired or not. He was all out of sorts when I woke him up, complaining that he had to get up early that day for class (history) and I said I doubted he would be having class and turned the TV on in the bedroom. Seconds later the second plane hit and Troy asked when this had happened and I was in shock and replied that it was happening right then. We went back out to the living room to watch it on the big TV and just sat there for most of the day, in disbelief and horror. Those same feelings come out every time I think about that day and although life has moved on, I wonder about those who lost loved ones that day and how they can possibly be feeling on a day like today.  I wish them all peace on this day of remembering.


3 Responses

  1. Your post is touching and brought up emotions and memories for me.

  2. I feel the same way…can’t remember much about yesterday, but every detail about that day 7 yrs. ago…

  3. I think every person in America will remember EXACTLY what they were doing when this happened & how they spent that day.

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