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Can you tell it’s deadline time at SNR?

I know, my blog gets all quiet during that time, lol, because I’m usually in a creating frenzy and it’s all things I can’t share because I’m putting them in the magazine or as part of an article, etc.  I need to better organize my photos so I remember what I CAN share, lol, because I do have those projects out there…it’s just a matter of remembering what goes where.

So anyways, I came across this pendant this morning and had to laugh and share!  This was the VERY FIRST piece of jewelry I ever created.  LONG before I actually started in with beads etc. back in about 2004 or 2005 and started seriously “making stuff”, as my son puts it.  I had found this little spike of obsidian at one of those New Age stores (the kind you walk into a fog of incense to browse the books ranging from interpreting your dreams to witchcraft, crystals, tarot cards…I went through a major phase there, lol).  The lady who owned the shop (It was in Decatur, IL – no idea if it still exists or not) happened to be wrapping a crystal in 24k wire and this was the first time it dawned on me that jewelry could be “made” (duh, lol).  She let me purchase a length of the wire even though it wasn’t really a “stock” item.  So I went home and I honestly don’t remember how I did this…maybe a pair of needle nose pliers from my then boyfriend’s toolbox?  I had zero information to go on.  It never occurred to me that there might be books or magazines on the subject. It was before my love affair with the Internet evolved (heck, I don’t think the WWW even existed then – this was back in maybe the early 90’s so it would have been rough if it did) and so I just sat there with this little stick and some wire, lol!

But somehow I figured it out.  And it actually probably the most worn piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned.  It’s been on three different chains over the years (just plain old narrow gold chain) and I’ve not gotten around to fixing the latest chain’s clasp (lol, now that I know how to do those things the RIGHT way) so it’s been in a little music box on my dresser.  I only happened to open that this morning because I remembered my son had been playing with it yesterday and I wanted to be sure of what was even in it.

The design is awkward, at best.  I just wanted to be able to wear that darned stick of obsidian and kept playing until the wire stayed on it, lol!  I don’t know what possessed me to figure out how to twist a bail of sorts.  Today I really don’t work with wire a whole lot – I never did get all that good at it but even though I do know how this could be “fixed”, I wouldn’t touch it for the world.  If someone had told me back when I made this that I would someday make tons and tons of jewelry, I would have laughed.

This piece will forever remind me of that first dawning of recognition that I CAN take pretty little odds and ends and find a way to wear them.  It took a long time for that creative seed to take root and grow, but I will ever be thankful that it did!



PS – Isn’t that paper fabulous!  It’s Icicles from the Tinsel Town collection from The Paper Element.  I LOVE this line!  It’s got this amazing texture and weight to it too – I was SUCH a happy camper to come across this locally!  Ummm, yea, I used it as the background for these pics simply because I’ve made two projects out of it in the past 24 hours and still have about a third of a piece of it sitting here on my table and I just wanted a quick photo of the necklace, lol, so I just laid it there and took the pics with no preparation.  Works for me!