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Super Quick Candle Holder

Need inexpensive gifts you can whip up in absolutely NO time?  Last minute dinner party and want to dress up your table?  Check this out!  I picked up some of these little brandy-snifter looking glass candle holders a while back (ok, so maybe they’ve been hanging around for a year, lol) I think at Hobby Lobby and I know they were cheap (maybe $2?) or I wouldn’t have picked up as many as I did.  This will work with any inexpensive candle holder, but I love the shape of these because they lend themselves so nicely to adding ribbon around the bottom.


Shhhh – I am in dire need of a class on how to tie bows.  I just can’t do it!  So I cheated here and chose a ruffly ribbon and simply wrapped it around a few times and glued it.


I had some holiday rubons from Heidi Grace that had designs and borders and honestly, I don’t do borders.  Remember back when all stickers came like that – a 6×12″ sheet with some “stuff” and some matching borders?  Yea, I think I still have piles of those borders left, lol!  BUT, they were magnificent for the rim of this candle holder!  The center design is actually several other pieces of other designs I just kept adding bits of until I liked the way it looked.  Add some ribbon (from Making Memories Noteworthy line), and voila!  Instant pretty little gift for a neighbor who stops by unexpectedly, your child’s teacher, your aerobics instructor…anyone!  It will hold either tealight candles (it would be so pretty with a holiday scented one in a clear cup but this was what I had handy when I wanted to take a pic, lol) or votives.  You can use any shape or size of glass holder as well.

Yes, getting rubons onto curved glass is a little tricky.  So here’s my trick.  I center my design, but don’t stick it down in the middle – move off to one side or the other and press that side down firmly.  Hold it down for dear life with one hand and begin rubbing with the other.  Gently move your fingers as needed, but do it so that there is always one finger holding it firmly in place at all times.  Do this a section at a time from one side to the other by simply moving one finger a bit further (leaving one finger in place so it doesn’t move) each time you’re ready to move to another section.  Wow.  I think I’m making it sound more complicated than it really is, lol!

There are so many lovely holiday rubons out right now and a little goes a long way.  Keeping it simple saves time (and money!) but looks elegant and timeless.  You could literally put together a dozen of these in an hour or so and just have them tucked away for whenever you need them.  This is also a great way to use up extra rubons on sheets you’ve used for other purposes.  Try putting in some non-holiday ones as well and you’ll always have a last minute gift for any occasion.  After all, who doesn’t love a great smelling candle in a lovely holder?



8 Responses

  1. Super Duper cute!

  2. great idea!!!

  3. I made something similar last year. So easy and using your stash!

  4. Great project!! Thanks for the idea for the christmas letter told by a pet…. that could be funny!

  5. beautiful – tfs

  6. Wow -what a creative crafty person you are! Totally cute ideas. I gotta bookmark your site. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is a great idea that could be a lifesaver!

  8. That is an excellent idea! I love the idea! I also have a tutorial on a cheater type bow on my blog if you’re interested! You only have to know how to tie your shoes! LOL!

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