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No snow day, so the Christmas party is on!

I was torn.  I really was.  On the one hand, the thought of a snow (ice)day made me happy, knowing that if the roads were iffy I’d have to drive into town to Michael’s school for the party and I hate winter driving.  BUT, after making 20 of these


to help fill 20 of these


for all of Michael’s classmates, I probably would have been disappointed, lol!  I’m going in this morning to help with the schoolwide cocoa celebration (they’re even bringing Santa in this year!), then off to the separate classrooms for fun and storytime (they all wore their pajamas this morning) for the rest of the day.  It’s a photo op I’ve been looking forward to, lol!  So luckily not nearly as much of last night and this morning’s rain turned to ice as they expected.  Traffic through my street has been moving at a normal pace and I haven’t seen any slipping.  And my own sidewalk is MUCH less slippery due to the rain washing away most of my ice and leftover snow.

For the wooden ornaments, they are more of the Darice wooden signs I’ve been using for ornaments (these are the smallest sizes), painted with pearl white (it has a mica in it) Jo Sonja’s.  A word about this paint.  A company called Chroma out of Australia makes this and it is FABULOUS.  hands down, it is my favorite acrylic paint.  It comes in a tube rather than a bottle and is much thicker (very much like the proverbial “butter”) than your standard craft acrylic.  It’s a definite step above your Apple Barrel, Ceramcoat, and the like (Making Memories paints fall into this craft category), but a step below your fine art acrylics like Golden.  For most applications, one coat is sufficient.  The colors are rich and as the tube says, “velvet matte finish”.  It’s not cheap.  But it’s well worth the price.  I don’t use it on paper, but LOVE it on wood, acrylic, and such.  I bought an entire CASE (closeout because it had been in a display) back when I was with Herr’s.


Ok.  Commercial over, lol!

Back to the ornaments.  I kept it very simple and just kept adding more of the rubons from the same Making Memories rubon booklet (this booklet has given me soooo many projects and there are still a ton left in there!).  Some American Crafts ribbon, some Stickle action, and I called it a day.  All in all, they took me about 2 and a half hours from starting with the paint to setting them aside for the Stickles to dry.  For 20 of them.  Not bad. AND, figuring up the cost of materials used (and using percentages of things like the rubons), I think the whole project was probably about $4.  Definitely not bad!

Well, off to the school!


5 Responses

  1. Very cute Jenna, hope you have fun at the school, you are such a good mom!

  2. Wow, you are good for making all of these! These are adorable!

  3. You are just wayyyy toooooo creative! love your stuff!

  4. I love those little wooden ornaments. They are so cute!

  5. Those are absolutely adorable!

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