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Project 365 – Week 1

So far so good on Project 365!  I thought I’d just do a weekly recap on my blog so I can add some notes to remember, etc. without inundating everyone with a daily peek into my hopefully improving photography.

1/365 – Max.  I’ve taken hundreds of pictures trying to capture my kitty and this was the first attempt going super close up and using the macro setting on my camera.  Definitely an improvement!  Wonder if he’d let me do it while he’s awake…oh wait, sleep covers 23 hours a day for him, lol!


2/365 – Self Portrait.  Taken in the bathroom since I haven’t seen the sun in forever.  The lighting was harsh, so I switched it to black and white, then used the “warmify” feature in Picasa.  Hehe – someone called it a pensive look, but actually it was the focus of having taken about 50 pics and hating all of them and just wanting to be done!


3/365 – Cell Phone Inbox.  Just to document the insane number of text messages I’ve been getting lately.  The guy I’m dating now has a thing for texting, as do several of my friends, and I’m finding I need to delete messages from my inbox almost daily or I run out of memory!


4/365 – Wall Hanging.  This piece hangs in my living room.  I got it on sale at Hobby Lobby or somewhere similar so it’s not anything special or expensive, I just happen to love it.  This pic was taken just before I hung it back up after taking all the Christmas decor down.  Cough – as a side note, closed the front door too hard the next day and it fell…right next to Max’s cat bed in its new location below it, lol!  Poor Max – scared him to death…wish I’d had a camera for THAT moment!


5/365 – An almost Blue Sky.  Rain, snow, and just plain gray skies have filled just about every day for what feels like forever now.  When the sun actually came out, I knew I needed a picture of those clouds that were NOT going to precipitate on me, lol!  This was the only angle I could take the picture without getting houses and power lines in the picture so it is a Southwest view, with my next door neighbor’s trees.


6/365 – Officially a Cub Scout Mom.  Yup, it’s official!  He’s gotten his first little badges and I’m the proud mommy of a Cub Scout!  🙂


7/365 – Floral Detail.  I realized I hadn’t taken any pics that weren’t to do with crafting so I pulled out one little detail to use for my Day 7 picture.  I’ve been pretty much non-stop creating the past few days so it’s still a great representation of my day, lol!



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